Mrs. Waterbury

Welcome to Mrs. Waterbury's web page!

Listed to the left are my 4 units of study.  We will also be doing a research project on Drugs and Alcohol.
  If your student is absent, they can check the HW page and, if needed, click on the appropriate folder and print out any reading, worksheet, or HW assignment they missed.

Grading policy:
HW is expected, done completely and to the best of your ability, on it's due date.
If you do not hand in an assignment, a zero will be entered into Powerschool until the assignment is handed in.

If you receive a grade less than 70, you may correct whatever you got wrong on a separate sheet of paper.  
Those corrections and the quiz are due the next class.  
If the corrections are complete, the quiz grade will be changed to a 70.
If the corrections do not come in when they are due, the original grade will stand.



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