CMEA Recognizes JW Musicians
CMEA Recognizes JW Musicians
Posted on 12/13/2017

The Connecticut Music Education Association selected twenty-one JW students to participate in their Southern Regional Festival in March. Chorus and band students from middle schools in southern Connecticut attended tryouts on December 2nd in hopes of being selected to perform together in the March concert. JW students selected are:

Band: Jason Malli - top snare drum; Jack Whittaker - top tenor sax; Abby Amara - French horn

Jazz Band: Campbell Toth - top jazz piano 

Chorus: Frances Leigus - one of the top sopranos, and a perfect score!; Cooper Johnson - one of the top altos; Jolie Edwards - one of the top altos; Anne Brenneman; Alexa Calegari; Stephanie Charbonnier; Zoe Cika; Ellie Cost; Pippa Downey; Sahana Gopalakrishnan; Devan Gopalakrishnan; Jade Hardgrove; Claire Majewski; Dexter Newman; Ella Pitman; Skye Roberts; Chloe Zito

Congratulations to all Southern Regional Festival participants!