Unit 4 Two & Three Dimensional Measurement

UNIT 4: Two and Three Dimensional Measurement

() – Worksheet/Activity

                                                        *-Review/Low Priority

--- Assessment



Geometry Word Sort (2-D)/ “A Rectangle is a Square” (Intro Activity)


Angles: Drawing Angles/Triangles, Complimentary, Supplementary, Vertical, Adjacent (Using Protractors and Rulers)


What is the longest possible whole # side a triangle with a perimeter of 20 could have? (9) – 10.4, Problem #3


Find Missing Side/Angle Measurements for a Triangle


Review Area of Triangle, Rectangle, Parallelogram


Area and Circumference of a Circle


Classifying 3D Figures

(Solid Figure Exploration)


“Who Am I?” 3D Shape Game (Y/N Questions)


Surface Area – Rectangular Prisms


Volume – Rectangular Prisms, Square Pyramids


Cross Sections – Rectangular Prism, Square Pyramid