Announcement and overview for week of 2/1/16 (2) 
Please take a look at your student's SSPs.  You can find the first steps to logging in here:    (
Check on what they had to say about their goals.  You can then talk to them about whether they were successful or not.  You might even be able to discuss what kind of things they may do to become successful if they weren't.

8th grade classes have been working with 3 dimensional CAD.  We worked together to design a flying disk extruding it from a 2 dimensional series of lines.  We then drew a Yo-Yo while learning about making levels, modifying a sphere, making solid cutouts,  and finally learning how to mirror an image that we made.  Over the next few days students will design their own Yo-Yo from a line like their flying disk. They will next learn how to take a CAD drawing and change it to machine language so that it can be 3-D printed.  I will then Email what they have done to the High School.  Valley will use their 3-D printers to make a copy of each student's Yo-Yo.

7th grade is learning how to create 2 dimensional CAD drawings.  We are starting off by working together creating a drawing called Landscape.  As we work on the drawing we are going over vocabulary that the students need.  This vocabulary helps the students understand what is going on within the computer screen.  The vocabulary could also be used in their language arts and math classes.

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<a href=""> review</a> (Guest) said On 26 August, 2018 at 2:46 PM
Thanks for giving the Announcement and overview for the week of 2/1/16. This most certainly has been helpful and to see the timely updates always feels great. Once again, a big thank you for all of it.   
jack (Guest) said On 26 August, 2018 at 7:21 AM
This vocabulary helps the students understand what is going on within the computer screen.  
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