Magazine Project

This is my favorite piece because it is the most complex. The task was to create a magazine (from a real article) only using a template to start. I decided to choose Gameinformer and do an "article" on the game For Honor. I took pictures of myself in certain poses. Some armor was taken off the internet. Yes, the spear shaft, sword, and chest plate are real. This was created in Photoshop.

^ Link to Gameinformer ^

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Ghost Town

This is my best Flash piece. It is the most complex and combines all of my knowledge of Flash. At the end, I had to add my own touch. I decided to add the gargoyle that arrives at the end. I liked this project becasue it was mostly open ended, I just had to have buildings, trees, a car, and a gradient sky. I could create them to be any way I wanted, though.