The Diabolic Waltz

Haunting melodies of a forsaken orchestra,

Shatter a tense silence that seemed hitherto thick with a suffocating tension,

Like a chamber full of water,

Cracked, then creeping into a web of delicate glass,

And in an instant, crashing in a surge of exhilaration throughout the masquerade.

A diabolic waltz;

A crescent smirk across the ballroom floor,

Caught by her lingering eyes,

It was returned with a gentle tug of her crimson lips.

Her gown billowing in ivory lace,

She strode towards him,

And he gave a subtle bow,

Holding out his hand as his eyes glanced upon her grace,

Not a dance deferred.

She studied his mask as she approached

Silver linings protruding from his cheekbones,

It’s edges embroidered with black feathers,

Almost like a crow-

And he studied hers, brilliant in strewn jewels,

Golden roses in bloom encircling her azure eyes,

A single pure feather lay across her cheek,

Almost like a dove-

Her pale hand met his,

And as she stared back into his scarlet eyes,

They began their poised sway,

His dark tailcoat and her pearl gown beckoning each other as they spun,

Though, they would not meet for luncheon on the morrow;

For the anonymous unknown would stay eternal,

and the harmony of the two would sustain the balance of infinity alone.

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